About Us

We opened our ecommerce store at the start of 2022 after the pandemic. During the pandemic my partner and I built our first van conversion. It was the best feeling in the world once we had finished it and the sense of freedom we got was nothing like anything we had experienced before,. However, there were many obstacles and challenges we had to face.

During the build we gained an in depth knowledge of what it was like ordering parts from all over the world and the hoops we had to jump through to get certain products with supply chain issues.

As the world of van life continues to grow and gain in popularity we wanted to create not only a store to acquire everything you need to build the van of your dreams in one place but also a blog, a free source of information all in one place, to guide people like you through your first build. We know just how confusing and challenging it can be but hopefully with help from the amazing community in the van conversion space, and with resources like us, you will be able to finish your ultimate van conversion perfectly tailored to your own needs.